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About Dar-Alhijrah Center Chicago

Dar-Alhijrah Center is a fruit of the Quran study gathering ‘Halaga’ established by a group of Sudanese immigrants to Chicago about three decades ago. The group used to meet every Tuesday in the house of one of its members to recite and study the Noble ‘Quran’. This Halaga played a significant role in shaping the Sudanese community in Chicago, as many of the great ideas that helped keep the community united originated from it.

In 2010, the group decided to rent a facility as the members’ houses were no longer suitable to accommodate the ever-increasing numbers attending the Halaga weekly. The move to the newer facility gave the group members an excellent opportunity to expand their activities and services to include and serve the Muslim community.

Currently, the Center provides a multifaceted service that caters to the diverse and unique needs of Muslims living in Chicago. Throughout the years, the Center has targeted its activities primarily at the African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian youth, who traditionally lacked access to Islamic services. Via its various projects and schemes, the Center strives to help the new generation of Muslim Americans channel their energies and capabilities appropriately, enabling young people to become individuals who are assets for society. The first Arabic school was established in the Center to teach the basic foundations of the Arabic language and the Quran to youth in the neighborhood. Students from more than eight countries attended this school. The responses received from the Center’s various beneficiaries and the endorsement of the Center’s priorities, Alhamdulillah, are a sign that a facilities center is an essential contribution to current Islamic services.

Alhamdulillah, we recently purchased our building, which provides far better opportunities to serve our Muslim community. The new building is three times larger than our current Center, with six bathrooms, large halls, and many rooms that we can use for all the center activities.

We paid $500,000 out of the $600,000 total price for our new building. As a community, we are working hard to collect funds to pay the remaining $100,000 plus money to rehab the building to complete phase one of this task. Phase two of this task is to purchase the parking lot next to our new building. This new parking lot can accommodate 30 cars, which will speed up the conversion of this new building into a Mosque.

Our Current Needs

We need your generous donation to complete the remaining needs of Phase One, which include paying the remaining building loan and the maintenance cost of the new building. We also need your donation to start Phase Two, which includes buying the parking lot next to the building. This parking lot can accommodate 30 cars for our Center and will speed up the process of obtaining the permit from the city of Chicago to open our Masjid. The parking lot will cost us $600,000; therefore, your donation is essential to complete phases one and two of this holy task. We ask Allah almighty to reward you for your generous donation.

Our mission - Dar Al-Hijrah.webp

Our Mission

To Serve, Educate and Inspire. The Center has established itself as a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives, strengthening community, and fostering civic engagement through a diverse offering of community programs, services and special events. The Center has grown into a recognized center of religious revival.

Our vision - Dar Al-Hijrah.webp

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a world for the glory and righteousness of Allah, where people celebrate the virtues of mutual respect, dignity and justice for all. We envision an engaging and vibrant community where individuals are caring and giving: where families are participants in community recreations and civic activities: where organizations work together in partnership and collaboration, with a common goal of improving the quality of life in the Greater Chicago Area and, God willing, worldwide.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

   In fulfilling our Mission we will strive to:

  • Live by the teaching of the Quran & the Messenger’s sayings & actions.

  • Provide our programs in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of our community, consistent with the intent of our donors and respectful of the vision of our founding members.

  • Conduct all activities with the utmost professionalism and treat all persons equally and with dignity and respect.

  • Act with integrity, selflessness, openness, truthfulness, forgiveness, humility, modesty and honesty in all relationships, dealings and transactions.

  • Treat each other and all people with respect, fairness and justice.Take responsibility, work as team, and build relationships and partnerships based on doing what is right .

  • Have energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead.

  • Be accountable to each other; continually remember death, and fearing final accountability to Allah.

  • Be faithful to your donors and supporters through  well-balanced, cost-effective, and compassionate stewardship of resources.

  • Always remain mindul that our mission is accomplished through the support, generosity, talents and dedication of others.

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